HAVS’ Lemonriot [REVIEW]

Men often complain that they don’t know what women want from them. Communication issues for the former present a challenge for both parties. But fear not; HAVS is a Canadian recording artist, with a sound best described as new-wave hip-hop / R&B. She is here to present her list of demands for men, something other women will be able to use as a template. Her brand new album, Lemonriot, is all about the things she wants, and doesn’t want, from men.


DONT TRIP’s “Untitled” [REVIEW]

DONT TRIP, a rapper out of New Jersey, released his latest single, “Untitled,” on January 18. The underground talent is fresh out the starting gate, so don’t even trip if you haven’t heard of him. If “Untitled” is any indication of the direction of his music, then DT is an emerging artist we need to keep our ears open to.

Footnotes In ‘The Diary’

The thoughts you keep in your head are begging to get out. When something traumatic happens in your life, especially during your childhood, it may be suggested to keep a written record of how you feel. If you can’t tell others, sometimes keeping a journal is the best way to share it with the only person who will truly understand: you. Austin Steele, a 23-year-old rapper, is breaking the seal of his own mind and letting his innermost feelings grace his records.

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