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Photo by Martin Yarbrough

HangTime is an online magazine and entertainment website for those devoted to art, music, entertainment, and everything else in between.

Founded in June of 2015, HangTime is devoted as a platform for young artists in New York City to promote and exhibit their art to the public. Whether their passion be in painting, graffiti, poetry, or film, HangTime is the outlet for all local artists to showcase their work.

The online publication acts as a literary magazine that displays all original work submitted to our email. Our website acts a domain to find all of our affiliated work and articles written by staff writers of HangTime Magazine. We even display submitted work on our website as well for those who were unable to submit their work in time to be published in the magazine.

HangTime is a growing organization and publication. We continue to grow by the size of our team and through the numbers of submissions we receive everyday.

We hope to shape our growing community with the people we associate with on a daily basis and from the artists who trust their work with us.

To find out more about submitting to HangTime or other inquiries, email us at

-Ebony Anderson-Brown, Founder & Creator