“We’re going into our second year, HangTime Magazine. I want to try new things, and experiment… But in a way we still grow.” – Ebony Anderson-Brown, Founding Editor It’s 2017, our 45th President of the United States is Donald Trump, and Betsy DeVos is the United States Secretary of Education. As a publication dedicated to […]

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Do You Like S’mores?

When I say “s’mores,” I don’t mean the sweet delicacy of a graham cracker sandwich stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate… Or do I? Regardless of whatever your thoughts were when clicking this article was, I hope you find these words intriguing when I tell you that this new 6 track original EP called, S’mores, from […]

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OVO Taking Over NoHo?

In the congested heart of the big apple, Drake fans galore lined up at the corner of Bond Street and Bowery Saturday, December 10, for the grand opening of the OVO flagship store. Two days had already passed when I ventured out to see the infrastructure for myself. When I arrived to the street corner, my eyes […]

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Let’s Talk About Hair…

I might not be the appropriate person to talk about hair, especially natural hair, because I am not the most knowledgeable about it. Yes! I am Black and I grew up with the barrettes in my hair, along with those annoying bobos and beads. From the constant hair pulling and burns from the hot-combs, I am surprised […]

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