“We’re going into our second year, HangTime Magazine. I want to try new things, and experiment… But in a way we still grow.” – Ebony Anderson-Brown, Founding Editor

It’s 2017, our 45th President of the United States is Donald Trump, and Betsy DeVos is the United States Secretary of Education. As a publication dedicated to the talents of those overlooked, I believe this is the time to rise up. For two simple reasons: our voices need to be heard and those after us can live better. That’s usually want most people say when they’re asked what do they want to do in life. “Change the world,” “make the world a better place.” It’s all the same.

While I am in mental preparation for the great things allocated for this new year, I do want to acknowledge the past year. After the ANNU event, things became too overwhelming for the lot of us, especially even after the election results. But even with those minor setbacks, we are still here and growing, just eager to provide you with content most people don’t even care to talk about. I found myself amazed at the great opportunities that came across our way; after the fashion show and our one year anniversary, I didn’t see anything ending there.

I see HangTime going much further than anyone else. It’s potential inspires me to keep it alive and continue to help others. Soon our team will get bigger, and our creativity will extend over time.

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