Don’t Sleep On Her

Growing up in New York City enables you to sit across from the next best thing in hip hop while riding on the train, and strolling into a club after 2 am to find those same artists performing for less than 100 people. Not only is there a lack of recognition, but women are still downplayed than their male counterparts. We praise women such as Uniiqu3, Suzi Analogue, and Latasha Alcindor who have defied that stigma, but we want to celebrate all women creatives.

Over the past couple of weeks, we asked you to voice who your favorite women creative is. Why? Women have been killing it, especially women of color, but there is still a lack of recognition for women’s artistry in various spaces including art and music. We shouldn’t sleep on women and their work, because they work a hundred times harder than men who start out the same way.

“Don’t Sleep On Her” is a campaign that we curated to embrace women and their talents throughout Women’s History Month, but something we should continuously keep doing for every other month of the year. Whether they are a photographer, recording artist, fashion designer or entrepreneur, women need the recognition and support just as much as the men do.


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