F*ck the Game

After listening to KA.Jay’s A Vent: 6-2-94, you’d come to the same realization that the recording artist from Atlanta did, “this game is fucked up.”

The music game is hard as it is. There’s a niche for everything, and listeners play favorites. So what does that mean for a new artist coming from a low-middle class family? Honestly, there are many variations to respond to that question.

a vent

Living in a generation where things are so fast-paced, we expect success to be the same. That is the underlying message we get when listening to KA.Jay’s six-track EP released on Christmas Day.

Less and less each day, KA.Jay thinks about quitting the game. “I believe in myself more…and I see that people fuck with my mursik,” he tells HangTime, and he’s right. The instrumentals that are put together for each song is carefully thought out. His versus’ are eloquent, clear and motivational for any “kid on the block” that wants to be somebody.

Almost all artists have that moment when they just want to give up on everything. Unsurprisingly, artists that haven’t even made it that far bear these feelings much more than those who make the charts.

A Vent: 6-2-94 is an EP recommended for all recording artists regardless of their clout. It’s a story that can be your past, present, or future…because we’ve all had that moment when we say, “fuck the game.”

You can listen to the A Vent: 6-2-94 on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

Ebony Anderson-Brown, Editor in Chief & Publisher

Twitter: @unratedebony


An online based literary magazine, promoting influential talented underground artists.

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