It’s taken – So much

The announcement is subtle yet harsh – An intrusion

You’re unaware of its casualties – But are well versed on effects


It’s taken – So much

Stripped outer beauty – or by others definition

It’s so sad how you fool your strengths for lacks


It’s taken- So much

Causing haziness – Continuous dizziness

Where temporary blacked vision is the assumed end


It’s taken – So much

1 too many – 2 too many

Bless God for sparing the third


It’s taken – So much

Hopelessness has vanished – Jarring fear is now endorsed

Burring all good things with the first – Because she was


It’s taken – So much

I don’t look forward to this weekend

It’ll be just another reminder of how much this has taken from us


I know I won’t cry

Because it’s taken that too

Stephanie Saintilien


An online based literary magazine, promoting influential talented underground artists.

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