It’s Only The Beginning

On the first of October, HangTime Magazine released its first issue to the public, New Beginning.

After the first publication came out, it was established that HangTime will continue to release issues and serve its premise to the general public.

HangTime is a bi-monthly literary magazine that accepts submissions all year round. While serving opportunity pastures to individuals that live in New York City, it goes beyond the focal points that lay in their own backyard. Starting out was difficult and running around obstacles was out of the question. But after consistently approving design layouts and looking over appropriate fonts, HangTime was officially born.

The first issue included local artists of New York – Alex Joseph, North Hu, Chris Barreto, Canvas Killer, and J.J. Rodriguez. Though, HangTime is a submission based magazine, it does include editorial pieces that consist of interviews or heavy-researched topics by staff writers. For New Beginning, the featured written pieces were two interviews with the podcast hosts of 2Beltz, Carlos Reyes and Jameel Raeburn; as well as the Producer/DJ from Queens, New York, Adrian Candelario aka Mr. Biggs.

The next and second issue, And So It Begins, will be launched in the beginning of 2016. It will feature several new artists, as well as a written highlight pieces by contributing and staff writers.

If you or a friend would like to be published in a magazine, submit to HangTime Magazine! It’s a great opportunity to gain exposure and showcase your talent that hasn’t seen the light of day.

If you’re interested in being apart of the team, don’t be shy. You can email us at And we don’t bite!

Until next time, you can follow HangTime on social media:





An online based literary magazine, promoting influential talented underground artists.

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