Within Reach

The English language can be complex and obtrusive to many non-English speakers. Translating certain words, or idioms, to other tongues can change its meaning and connotation. I’m not just talking about English to Spanish, French, or even Arabic; any language that can be transferrable from English and vice versa. Fortunately, there are ways around the barrier if you object to the process of learning a new tongue. A practice that has evolved over time, but continues to reserve its same purpose for every body, mind, language, soul, and culture — art!

A creative’s mind is thought to never be understood, and sometimes there is no specific representation. Whatever perception an individual’s mind perceives the work of an artist, will forever stick with them, regardless of what tongue they speak.

“Within Reach” is an idiom that can either be literal, or figurative, when talking about the distance between a person and their goal (whether it be tangible or intangible). We all have a goal we would like to obtain in life someday. For some, it’s the hope to make the world a better place. For others, it’s to be accepted and aspire to be great in whatever they dream of doing. As for the rest, life is just about seizing the moment and living each day to its fullest. Everyone can relate to one another when it comes to aspiring a dream and fulfilling a goal. It can be done through visuals, word of mouth, musical production, or body movement.

No matter what skin color you wear, sexual orientation or gender preference, age, size, shape, or tongue, the message we want to communicate will always be understood. It doesn’t even matter how long it will take, at least it’ll be within reach.

We give you, “Within Reach,” a series that features six unique artists that share with us a goal they want to reach, or already have. They may not share the same tongue, skin color, culture, or message; but they are sharing their journey through art.

Synnamon Brown
Toddy Dozier
Flash o Boy
Armoni Boone
Kassandra DeJesus
Alex Joseph

Ebony Anderson-Brown, Editor in Chief & Publisher

Photography by Alex Joseph & Ebony Anderson-Brown

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