Flash o Boy

My Life! My name is Flash! I’ve been traveling and doing a lot of art with in New York — I’m pretty local. I [currently] live in the Bronx, I’m originally from Brooklyn. I have done a couple of murals here and there, and I have also curated a couple of shows and been in a lot of shows. I also rock with Bare Canvas Sounds, we rock out! We’re a couple of cool DJs, producers, artists, and we all make music — I enjoy [the music] — and I make the art.

To be creative, it means to do whatever the f**k you want in life! But, it’s also bridging the world that’s in the mind or more metaphysical to something that is more physical.

I’m going to have the same goal for the rest of my life. My goal is just to keep bridging and connecting people through art. So, I am going to continue that same goal — and I have been achieving that as well.




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