Rocky Snyda’s New Single “Supernova Girl” Is Stellar

Rocky Snyda’s newest and much anticipated single, “Supernova Girl,” is finally here and without a doubt, it’s a hit.

“Supernova Girl” takes you on an intergalactic trip with its music production and echo-like vocals. When Rocky said, “I felt the energy/You make my heart go boom,” that’s exactly what it felt like listening to the song. What else would you expect from the Brooklyn-based artist who specializes in bringing “Grammy style performances” to all stages? Even in the digital space, Rocky Snyda can shine bright with her simplistic lyricism and taste for sophisticated lo-fi beats. 

Rocky Snyda @ Brooklyn Bowl BK on Jan. 5th 2020

The song itself has a poetic touch with its use of repetition and storytelling. You can say that Rocky Snyda is the Supernova girl, but she’s no superhero. She’s all about getting the bag and transcending above all, but somehow gets caught off guard. When she says, “Posted up/Washed up/Know I/Fell In Love,” you get the sense that she discovered her kryptonite and almost feels defeated.

When the next hook comes in, you find yourself rooting for Supernova girl to get her mind out of the gutter and back on track. And Rocky knows it too when she says “Get to the bag/Gotta pick up the chase.” Even though Supernova girl caught herself slippin’, that didn’t stop her from wanting to secure the bag.

You can listen to “Supernova Girl” on all streaming platforms including Spotify and follow Rocky Snyda for music and more!

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