Toddy Dozier

My name is Toddy Dozier, I’m from Newark, New Jersey — Brick City! I’m a rapper, singer, actor… what else, DANCER! I [attend] New York University in Manhattan. I’ve been singing all my life — singing, producing, my mom is a singer, my family is just music, music, music! I grew up around music, and I got into acting at school, and I’ve doing that ever since.

With my music, I try to communicate to people that no matter what kind of artist you are, there has to be skill, passion, and talent. And no matter who you are, being if you’re gay, straight, black, white, whatever, you have to have skill. As a rapper, I want people to see skill.

I want to inspire EVERYONE! But specifically the LGBT community, because I feel like — especially when it comes to Hip-Hop, there’s a lot of homophobia in [it] — so a lot of people don’t get to express themselves the way they want to. I want to inspire and uplift the LGBT community.




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