Recap of the Branding 101 Brunch Presented by SheMuse, Inc.

On Saturday, May 12, while some people were at home scrolling through their Instagram feed, a handful of ambitious muses fit comfortably in a small event space at the back of cafe in Brooklyn, New York.

SheMuse, a non-profit organization created to enhance the “empowerment and betterment of women of color,” hosted the Branding 101 Brunch at the Commons Cafe on Atlantic Avenue. The event featured freelance marketing strategist, Tameka Vasquez, and founder of Activate Your Life, Lucinda Cross to teach women about enhancing their small business and personal brand.

As attendees were walking into the cafe, they picked up a plate of shrimp, grits, and pancakes from Chef Abyssinia and treats from Jesseca’s Sweet Street. While the curious women sat down in their seats, they talked to the person next to them, behind them and across the room. It was unsurprising to see so much warmth in one sitting, and the event hadn’t even start yet.

Between Vasquez and Cross, the whole room was snapping and nodding their heads for every important note. Tameka Vasquez reminded the women throughout her presentation that she wasn’t there to “give tips and tricks” for your Twitter and Instagram but to “provoke thought.” Disrupt. Influence. Win. This is the personal mantra of Vasquez, because being your true self is what’s important when it comes to your brand. As for Lucinda Cross, celebrating yourself and what you do is showing others who you are and helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd. This also encourages people to want to be on your team, and support you every step of the way. Everyone in that room gained something valuable that they can use once they left. While both women had similar discussions with their audience, they both had different experiences and approaches to becoming girlbosses.

You can follow SheMuse, Inc. on social media and visit their website to learn more about their organization and how you can be apart of a collective of women discovering the inner boss within you.


Writer from NYC with a passion in music, photography, and arts & crafts. Enjoys the nightlife as an events photographer and disc jockey -- somewhat favors the daytime life as a student and sales associate.

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