Sugar Kitchen with Chef Chaz and Mimi Moments

Sunday is considered to be a lazy day for individuals in their early to mid twenties. For the young creatives at the Brown Sugar Collective (Wendy Ngala, M’heri Jackson, Athena Partington), it’s about sharing your day off with strangers for a cooking class in Sunset Park.

Brown Sugar Collective had their second Sugar Kitchen with Chef Chaz Williams and influencer Mimi Moments on the last Sunday of March. That evening consisted of baking potatoes, seasoning chicken, and a pop quiz, because as Chef Chaz said, “what’s a class without a pop quiz.”


Sugar Kitchen acts as a networking event while having a little fun while improving your cooking skills. The idea is to ensure that everyone is meeting someone new and networking to either make a new friend or business partner. It wasn’t totally intense as their Splash That said it would be, but it was definitely a thrill. Having Chef Chaz and Mimi Moments as the hosts definitely had everyone being their authentic selves, and that’s what led everyone to have a good time.

With old-school 90’s hip hop and r&b playing through the speaker, it provided a vibe that was warm, even without the skillet steaming from olive oil. If you aren’t accustomed with the creatives of Brown Sugar Collective and their cause, it’s time to get acquainted because you don’t want to miss another Sugar Kitchen.



Writer from NYC with a passion in music, photography, and arts & crafts. Enjoys the nightlife as an events photographer and disc jockey -- somewhat favors the daytime life as a student and sales associate.

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