Why The F*ck Not?

We’re broke, but luckily we have Instagram so we can keep up with Chelsea St. Clair and Tien Dang of WhyTFNots. The duo began their indefinite journey traveling the world back in October, and we’ve been following them every since.

WhyTFNots made their first stop in London England, and now they’re somewhere in the Sri Lanka. We all have those friends that talk about dropping everything and taking a plane out of the States, well this creative pair didn’t think twice about it. Their first blog post took a realistic approach on well-off independent women living in a big city, and just getting tired of the same routine.

via @whytfnots

“One day, we got word that prices for a one-way ticket to London were $130 and we thought, ‘Why the fuck not?'”

Living vicariously through these fortunate souls is inspiring and we couldn’t help but share their story with you all. You can follow Chelsea and Tien on their journey at whytfnots.com and on Instagram.

Original graphic design by Bria Benjamin.

Ebony Anderson-Brown, Editor in Chief & Publisher

Twitter: @unratedebony


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