A Woman…

Although we nationally observe women on a single day, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate the many wonders and creativity that exhumes from them during the rest of the year. We all know a woman who has given us life, but there are also women that find themselves much later. Here are a few pieces that were submitted for Women’s History Month—we hope that you find it compelling and joyful!

A Woman…

Edianna Reyes Ovalle

A woman is a mother,

A sister to a brother,

A woman should not be defined by her curves, a woman should be defined by her words.

A woman should pay more mind to the world rather than her own complexion on reflection.

A woman is God’s masterpiece, a woman is not born to deceive, she is born to believe, to strive, and to achieve.

A woman is equally or more in importance to a man, she gives life and fills our land, she is wise and full of grace, she is the base of our tree, she creates confidence and wisdom in her kids.


Sophia Abdurrahim


Expanding Universe

Chabeli Rodriguez

‘Beset with gloom?’

Because my hair is BOLD.

Because it expands like my knowledge.

Because it is the mane to my inner lion.

Because it has the branches to my trunk

Or because you feel the distress of doom

Just because I smile and ‘walk like I got oil wells pumping in my living room.’


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