And So It Begins

For the new year, we decided to release our second issue for you all to enjoy. Thanks to North Hu, for putting together the publication, we were able to share the talents of newly discovered artists. The issue, And So It Begins, is different from our first issue, New Beginnings.

In our latest issue, we wanted to passively express our purpose as an Entertainment & Arts site, as well as an online publication. HangTime is a newly found magazine, created as an outlet for young artists of New York City; whether they are native or residential, to showcase and display their work for free. Everyday, we are accepting submissions from candidates who believe their work and talent is worthy enough to be seen by all eyes possible. In, And So It Begins, we had an exceptionally large pool of writers submit their work, in equivalence to the previous issue; where mostly visual artists had sent in their pieces.

Like every other individual for the new year, HangTime has a goal for 2016. We are opening up positions for writers, designers, photographers, and many more to join the team. We will be updating our website to accommodate to the eyes of millennials, for we too are millennials!

As of right now, we have a team of writers brainstorming new ideas to write stellar articles for your entertainment. Over the course of the year, HangTime will be hosting their own events and possible art gallery show casings! We’re excited to be sharing such news with you, and fortunately, it doesn’t stop there.

Based on the response and feedback we’ve been getting from our supporters, we decided to take our digital publication to print! Unfortunately, we can’t get too ahead of ourselves, but we will start with 10 printed publications and raffle them off to supporters and fans. In addition to the magazine going print, HangTime will also be accepting advertisements from local businesses of New York City, and neighboring areas.

We have so much in store for you all here at HangTime; and as we grow, we want to share our devotion and artistic capabilities with you. You’re in for a helluva year with HangTime Magazine, and we only want to share the talent of youthful individuals.

Be sure to check out the latest issue at

If you’re ever interested in submitting to HangTime Magazine, be sure to email us at!

-Ebony Anderson-Brown, Editor in Chief & Publisher

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