HangTime Magazine has partnered with Never Normal Records to introduce you to Atlanta’s emerging music producer duo, X.NTE + ELEVATION and their debut project, “ANGEL 933”

Fighting Game Mike

salvation grind x iseeyourintentions

haigan new boss

goodbreax ’19 (slowed)
#0C090A (feat. NO EYES)
I’m Pay for it (slowed down)
INFANiTy world
gab bag mixed with Elevation – originaldon
FalzAngel Emergency Code Extermination (feat. NO EYES) mixed with Elevation – bar (unreleased) mixed with xnte – element6
bistro bed and breakfast bar & grill cafe lounge underwater
Hnadful of Sand (feat. Wouj Kadinal & NO EYES) mixed with Elevation unreleased mixed with #0C090A (feat. NO EYES) mixed with nohighs x Elevation – full beef 2k19 STFU MIX
Macejam (feat. NOEYES) mixed with xnte – salvation grind mixed into elevation – iseeyourintentions (unreleased)

Atlanta Duo, X.NTE + ELEVATION, Set to Release New Project on Never Normal Records

“ANGEL 933” is the compiled works from a new wave of Afrofuturistic junglist and glitchcore artists: duo, X.NTE and Elevation. The release is a fantasy-filled take on high speed rhythms that traverse jungle breaks into footwork and beyond.

X.NTE and Elevation are emerging music producers from Atlanta – the city that made trap music, but yet they are inspired by the legacies of jungle music that has led them to connecting to a global digital music culture that spans from Tokyo to Atlanta.

Using music as a tool to help others, the idea for their project to be released on Never Normal November 9, “ANGEL 933” was born; citing an angel that is an amalgamate of artists and creatives coming together to affect social change.