Who Will be the Winner of UNIIQU3’s Sound Kit Contest?


Last month, UNIIQU3 dropped her CLUBHEAD sound kit on music collaboration platform, Splice. Just days before Thanksgiving, UNIIQU3 announces that she will be hosting a #CLUBHEADCONTEST where producers can submit a track using sounds from the sample pack and win the chance to be included in the first ever PBNJ compilation album.

PBNJ is an International club sandwich created by dance artists like UNIIQU3 from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New Jersey to help spread club music to the rest of the world. To celebrate their one-year anniversary, PBNJ is releasing the collaborative project in January of 2020 but now any artist can be featured on the album, all they have to do is submit an original track to the #CLUBHEADCONTEST.

It was two days before Thanksgiving when UNIIQU3 took the conversation to social media about creating the contest. In a tweet she wrote, “YERRR 🗣I’M HAVING A #CLUBHEADCONTEST PRODUCERS THIS IS FOR YOU ! LET’S SEE WHAT YOU CAN COOK UP USING MY #SPLICE SOUND KIT” with a link to download the sound kit from the Splice website.

Since the release of the sample pack, the CLUBHEAD kit has seen many downloads from music producers globally. It was an inevitable feat, Splice partnering up with UNIIQU3 for this project. It created an opportunity for a lot of artists, especially women, to make their own sound using sounds that were fostered by the queen herself.

Producers have been submitting their best tracks not just to get their work on the PBNJ compilation, but also for studio time and a chance to get put on the bill for a show in either Philly, B-More, or Jersey. The instructions are simple!

  1. You must download UNIIQU3’s CLUBHEAD KIT VOL. 1 on Splice (invest in yourself)
  2. The song must contain 5 samples from the kit including a UNIIQU3 vocal sample
  3. Must be over 2 minutes long
  4. You are not limited to make any genre you can create whatever you’d like (go crazy)
  5. Collaborations are welcomed but you must split the prize if you win the contest
  6. All submissions must be of original material (no remixes)

Contest Guidelines

Download UNIIQU3’s CLUBHEAD KIT VOL. 1 on Splice. Good luck in the competition and remember to have fun!

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