Watch the Official Music Video for “Y.O.U.” By Reggie Becton

If Netflix were to cast a black man as Joe from “You”, would it have had the same impact?

Reggie Becton finally released the music video to his single “Y.O.U.,” and I’m here for it!

Inspired by the Netflix series “You,” Becton takes on the role of a scorned man, overwhelmed with jealousy and anger, who spirals out of control and leads himself to the point of no return. While paying homage to the psychological-thriller, the music video also explores the notion that Black artists are not extended the same creative freedom as their Caucasian counterparts.

At first, Reggie struggled with the impression this music video would give viewers, especially its impact on the lack community. “When coming up with the treatment for this, we spent hours on hours just talking through would it even be ok or well-received to create such a visual.” This is an issue the main character from the Netflix series, Joe, doesn’t have to worry about. He’s immediately perceived as an umbrella of personality traits which excuses his behavior.

Would the character Joe be as beloved by viewers if he was a Black man or woman? It seems unlikely. Till this day, they’ve been treated as a monolithic entity appropriate only for comedic relief or to perpetuate stereotypical tropes. But we can see here that Becton has successfully pushed back this idea that Black people as complex characters is a new concept within the entertainment industry.

Watch the official music video of Reggie Becton’s “Y.O.U.” and let us know what your thoughts are on this ingenious piece.

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