Watch The Funklabb’s Music Video For Single Release ‘Mama Said No’ ft. Myah Marie

Brooklyn-based producers/songwriters The Funklabb – Ed Lawson and Wes Davis – have released their debut single and music video for ‘Mama Said No’ featuring singer-songwriter Myah Marie who is the lyricist and background vocalist behind many top artists such as Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Avicii, among others. Told through an intergalactic lens, the infectious track delivers a sensual, transcendent experience as it finds Myah testing the limits of her inner self as she brazenly flirts with danger.

Discussing their debut single, Ed shares, “We’ve had this track for about two years before we decided to forward it to Myah. After hearing, and feeling what Myah put down on the first two tracks we did together, we knew Myah had the missing piece on a track like ‘Mama Said No.’” Wes adds, “We decided to release ‘Mama said No’ first to introduce The Funklabb to the world with a song that not only makes you want to move your body but has depth musically, lyrically and definitely vocally. The track is very dramatic, it rises, falls and, drives in different sections and Myah wrote a song that complements that structure perfectly and is catchy as hell! We loved it instantly. The hook stays with you (weather you want it to or not) and that is the fundamentals of a great song 101!”

“The track leaned towards a sexy feel with a little dangerous attitude. I went from there and pulled from some experiences that I maybe felt I was walking on the edge with/flirting with disaster, but it’s too good to give up! So, you don’t really care what anyone says. ‘Mama’ doesn’t necessarily mean my mom, it’s more of a ‘NO’ my inner self who knows I should know better,” shares Myah. On the collaboration, she adds, “Working with The Funklabb has been such a pleasure. Honestly, we had this instant chemistry from the beginning, whatever it was, call it ‘magic’- but it worked! And I love that we’ve been following that feeling. They’re not only nice people, but extremely talented as well!” 

Funk suggests more than a sound. It implies a whole lot of attitude, slick swagger, and serious soul and you feel it just as much as you hear it. The Funklabb cooks up music in this spirit as they uncork a timeless groove ignited by fresh fire. Since meeting nearly three decades ago crafting music behind the scenes for everyone from legends such as The Notorious B.I.G. and Will Smith to R&B favorites Sharissa and Allure, The Funklabb now step into the spotlight. Evolving their collaboration into an artist development hub with various artists leaning on their expertise, wisdom, guidance, and studio prowess, the group are gearing up to release a series of independent singles in 2021, beginning with ‘Mama Said No.’ 

Feeling like something was missing from music, The Funklabb collectively incorporate elements from their past catalog and eclectic taste as they aim to bring back the excellence and musicality needed to remind listeners of how a song makes you feel. Ultimately, The Funklabb represents the culmination of a lifetime dedicated to music and a bold new chapter.

Stream ‘Mama Said No’ by The Funklabb ft. Myah Marie on Spotify and Apple Music.

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