Ur Maa’s “Umm???”

The Brooklyn-rapper faces poverty head-on in his new track, “Umm???” off his upcoming mixtape, “i make music i like”.

We know: that read like an ill-prepared “your mama” joke. But Ur Maa (or-muh-ah) is no joke, and neither is his new single “Umm???“. The just-over-two-minute, self produced track is the debut single off his upcoming mixtape, i make music i like. The Brooklyn-rapper announced the project months ago on social media. “Umm???” officially dropped October 10th, giving his listeners have new material to bump.

“This song is about [an] early 20’s rapper with no money, but that ain’t stopping me from making the music I like,” Ur Maa claims under a post on Instagram. The lyrics found in the song 100% support that. “Making money, counting money. Paper-chasing, losing money,” is one of the first bars the artist drops on the track, and something that listeners across all five boroughs can relate to. Whether or not you are a rapper, the idea of living paycheck to paycheck and/or living on someone else’s couch (also mentioned in the song) resonates. Going back to the idea of this being the New York middle class anthem, creating a jazzy/soulful beat for the foundation of this song is a subtle nod to how jazz was, and continues to be, comforting, reassuring music for those caught in the monotony of their own lives. 

Ur Maa clearly found a way to embody the mindset of the everyday working class person. In just over two-minutes, he set the bar for the rest of the mixtape. For new listeners wondering if the latest song is rose in a field of weeds, check out his most recent full-length take, EVER PRESENT. His entire discography is available on his website, and lastly, for those that love the hip-hop and look to physically place themselves inside of it, Ur Maa is holding a release party for i make music i like on October 26th, which you can RSVP for now. 

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