Traveling Artist, EMOR

William W. Askew Jr. (Artist Emor), FL/NY

Represented by Brooklyn Artistry & Company, and featured in GAMBA Zine, BronxNet, and Talk-u-py.

William W. Askew Jr., also known as Artist Emor, is a first generation Haitian-American traveling artist. William goes under the alias Emor, which is short for Eatmore, a childhood nickname that fit his gluttonous nature. He’s traveled mainly on the East Coast of the United States, learning the culture of contemporary art that takes up much of modern day America. Emor draws inspiration from philosophy, science, electronic entertainment, and today’s social construct. “The title ‘Traveling Artist’ is one that transcends space, and is more conceptual, for style.”

Artists, are revered and at times even shunned. Art is imperative, to remember our ability to express our experience is the most important of human traits; this is not without recourse. Time has shown the most renowned artists are those who lack or have an overwhelming sense a physical, emotional, or social self-awareness. Each art, each piece of work crafted, carries a new and inspiring philosophy, a way of thinking, a way of relating the unconventional message, to have art, is to unite. (


“Devils in the Details” (Self Portrait)

(48″x48″) – Oil on Board


“Queens” (Model: Ashley Nicole)

(9″ x 11″) – Gouache & Ink on 115 lbs. paper

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