Erez Zobary Embraces Who She is Becoming in To Bloom

Erez Zobary, 24, describes To Bloom as, “a reminder that we have the inner strength to reclaim our power, take control of our lives, and build ourselves up to [come] out stronger from the difficult moments.” Featured in our HNR playlist, the Toronto-based R&B/Pop artist delivers an album that explores growing into oneself through romance, heartbreak and self-love. 

The single that serves as the album’s namesake is filled with a lo-fi R&B production that provides a catchy gateway into the album. When joined with the rest of the tracklist, it feels like the destination for a coming-of-age story— a fully grown voice that invites you to witness this journey of heartbreak, self-dependence and growth.

Lively tracks like “Breathe You Out” balance an upbeat bassline as a backdrop processing heartbreak with a jazz vocal technicality. A personal highlight on this album for me includes “Only Thing” where vocoded vocals balance painfully honest lyrics amidst sparse instrumentals.

The emotional specificity is part of what makes the album endearing. Zobary admits how, “This album tells of blooming into the woman I am and getting to know myself, my sexuality, desires, flaws, and expectations.”  If you’re looking for a late-summer album filled with romance, the loss of it, melancholy and the negotiations for self-love, check out To Bloom on all streaming platforms. 

You can find more of Erez Zobary’s work on their website, Instagram and on all streaming platforms.

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