Drive-In and Chill: An Interview With Ben Heffernan

Ben Heffernan, interviewed by Curtis Ashley for HangTime Magazine.

It’s never too late to tune in to a good movie. On the same note, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself for not having listened to Ben Heffernan’s latest EP, “drive in movies.” Released on August 27, the 20-year-old Ontario, Canada-based artist describes “drive in movies” as, “a personal, cinematic collection of songs that chronicles key events in the life of a teenager: falling in love for the first time, losing someone for the first time, frustration with the world around you, and the speed in which one’s young life tends to change.”

movie nights’ was the first single released off the EP, and enough for me to realize how talented of an artist Heffernan is. The song is upbeat, with his vocals comforting me as I sit at my desk. While Heffernan’s discography certainly speaks for itself, I wanted to hear more from the rising artist himself.

In an interview via Google Meet, Heffernan and I sat down to talk about his latest EP, as well as his experiences growing up in the town of London, teenage romance in the media, and of course, the ongoing pandemic.

If you’re like me, and you want to hear even more from Ben Heffernan, make like a disciple and follow him on Instagram, and be sure to keep your ear canals nice and clean to hear his new music when it drops. 

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