Descendent’s “Not Good Enough”

Descendent is here to hold it down for anyone who lost sight of their beauty.

The local rapper reminds listeners of their beauty.”

The over-saturation of conventionally beautiful people on social media can lead to issues of insecurity in some. Descendent is here to hold it down for anyone who lost sight of their beauty. He is doing so through the well-crafted bars on his song, “Not Good Enough.” The Virginia-born, and New York-based rapper released that at the end of September 2018. It is the third single off his latest project, “A Voice for the Voiceless.”

Unorthadaks provides a calm, soulful beat that lays the groundwork for Descendent to cast his spells of positivity. Lines such as, “Try to cancel you out. Jealous of your melanin’,” and “Slim-thick, full-figured women, you are needed,” which appear in his first verse, are indicative of the direction of the entire song. Descendent is telling his listeners that the skin they are in is okay. Throughout the song, he refers to a party called “They,” presumably society in general. “They” are said to put people down for their differences, but Descendent is destroying that narrative, and flipping the script. He is promoting beauty through all skin tones and sizes.

Through his discography, one must understand that Descendent himself is not ashamed of his skin, or who he is as a black man. This song adds to the long-standing history he has of promoting black people and their experiences. The theme of beauty and where it is derived from are also relevant to Pride month, though sexual orientation is not explicitly mentioned in the song.

It’s been a while since his last project, so be on the lookout for music and good vibes from Descendent.

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