Zaire Williams’ “Interception”

Here’s a review of “Interception,” by Zaire Williams, for you!

Back in May, Zaire Williams took us to church with her single “Interception.” Her soulful voice paired well with the soft notes coming from her keyboard, which led me to believe that the almost four-minute song could easily be mistaken for a sermon. And it successfully did, even if it wasn’t intentional. 

I already sensed a love-lost by the way Zaire forced a break in the beginning of the song. Right as her voice found the courage to tell her story, the keys on the piano reeled us in to listen to what she had to say. 

At first, Zaire tells us that the love she once had was real and there was “truth in the words spoken,” as quoted. But very soon, we learn that the person she believed in and trusted most had deceived her. She describes them as “a little dangerous, a little cancerous,” and although she was left feeling betrayed, her only wish was for love to never fail. Instead, love perished and can no longer live to tell any tale.

If you have ever felt denied by love or had one go stale, then this is the perfect song to wallow to. Zaire put it together nicely for us when she said, “I took your ring/It turned my finger green/If it ain’t real to anybody else/It’s real to me.” Love can be intercepted with negativity as time passes and even when you jump over the hurdles to get back to the positive, it can still leave you feeling hopeless.

You can stream the single “Interception” from Zaire William’s upcoming EP on Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Spotify

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