Witness Imani Vonshà Warp Time with Her Debut Single

The former Gorillaz collaborator invited HangTime to celebrate her single “Especially 4 You” and the debut of its video. The track is an R&B ballad spliced with a few bars reflecting on a crumbled relationship with a first love. Together, both the subject and the 90’s-era sonics, send us back to memories with the people we aren’t capable of forgetting. Her vocals and flow navigate a distinct era of sound within a modern context. 

If you hopped into Hangtime’s wayback machine, you’d arrive on a rainy day in December. Amidst 42nd street’s diffused glow, our team captured what felt like a fleeting moment in the Quad Studios penthouse. There was a sensation where, even strangers, could sense a slight shift in one’s career. 

Granted, Vonshà is no stranger to success. In 2017, her vocals were accredited on The Gorillaz fifth studio album, Humanz. She was featured on the track “Out of Body” alongside Kilo Kush and Zebra Cats. 

After her music video screened, close friends and family crowded Imani as she took to the stage to perform her single live. 

The night’s intimacy was notable as we witnessed a fellow artist nudge forward in their journey. Like all of us, only time will reveal Vonshà’s story.  In the meantime, check out HangTime’s interview with her from release party:

If you want to follow Imani Vonshà’s music and her journey, you can find her on, Her Website, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube.

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