Why-Axis Releases Self-Produced Single “Raincoat”

Up-and-coming Irish rapper and musician, Why-Axis has released a buoyant new single, “Raincoat.” Following the success of his captivating album, Moody F*ck, Why-Axis continues his purpose of revolutionizing the rap genre.

Through an undeniable flow and compelling bars, Why-Axis takes listeners on an emotional journey. Pulling influences from old school classics to modern-day established sounds, he creates a riveting and exhilarating experience.

Raincoat” was completely self-produced: from the backtrack to the vocals and everything in between. The musicality is modern, exciting, and perfectly catchy. Overall, the song is a perfect example of Why-Axis’s versatility. It is undeniably groovy, pushed onward by a crisp acoustic guitar, complemented by perfectly-placed risers, sub-bass, and a dynamic beat. Why-Axis is a creative force to be reckoned with on all levels of the music-making process. “So the track was produced fully by myself and same as the vocals, the main idea of the track is really just escaping from things that are going on in my life and myself venting about it and getting thoughts off of my mind while doing it over a fun and bouncy instrumental. I have so many songs there that I wasn’t sure which to go for for the first single, but I feel that a fun track would be more suitable to start 2021 off with.” The single does just that. “Raincoat” is a lovely departure from Why-Axis’ normally evocative, perfectly-poignant tracks. 

“Raincoat” is now available to stream on all digital platforms. To stay up to date with Why-Axis’ upcoming projects, you can follow him on Instagram @why__axis, or Twitter @axis_why.

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