What You Need To Know About Spotify Terminating Its Music Upload Feature

The termination of Spotify’s beta feature only affects users who uploaded their music directly through the tool.


Since Spotify announced that they will be terminating their beta program allow independent artists to upload music directly to the platform, musicians worldwide have been hysterical on social media about the news.

For those of you who have been a little late to the game, in September of 2018, Spotify introduced the new upload tool offering artists in the U.S. an easy way to add tracks onto the music streaming platform that Spotify is. The feature overall was groundbreaking for the music industry and it supported independent artists who aren’t signed to any labels or record companies. Once Spotify said that they were shutting it down, it understandable why artists would be upset.

If you are an independent artist and currently upload your music to Spotify, here are some things you should know before you deactivate your profile.

  1. The termination of Spotify’s beta feature only affects users who uploaded their music directly through the tool. If your tracks were uploaded through a 3rd party platform such as Tunecore, Stem, and DistroKid, you have nothing to worry (we hope!).
  2. If you thought that this has any relation to Spotify overpaying their songwriters and publishers, that’s a different situation just as complicated as this one. 
  3. While uploading directly to the service will be unavailable, Spotify for Artists is proved to be a great platform from the streaming site. If you’re signing up at an independent artist or even a small label, you’ll have access to the statistics for every track posted, you can manage multiple artists at a time, and you can also become a verified artist.

As we progress, technological advancements and even eyes on market shares will impact the way music companies conduct business. It’s our responsibility to be knowledgeable and in the know about the news that arises such as this. If you have any concerns about Spotify getting rid of their direct upload tool, share with us at HangTime.


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