What They Bring To The Tables!

HangTime Magazine is starting a new series: What They Bring To The Tables! It revolves around disc jockeys’ and producers that have made an impact in the music industry — even if it’s just on a small level.

I thought it would be a wonderful idea to highlight the artists that are changing the game skillfully, musically and technically. Last week, you saw an interview that features Swisha, a producer-DJ from Los Angeles. Every Wednesday, HangTime will be releasing an exclusive interview with DJs and/or producers all over so that you see what they bring to the tables!

HangTime started off as a magazine that supported all artists, but you didn’t see much from the music side of the spectrum. To balance ourselves in the center, we are opening up our doors to artists with musical talents, much like the artists that will be featured in this series, to submit their work! We will be hosting content on SoundCloud so that you (readers, supporters, mothers, etc) will be more in tuned with our artists/submitters.

Go ahead — follow us on SoundCloud!

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