What If Elephants New Single ‘Guilty Pleasure’ featuring Flara K is Now Streaming

When the world is feeling bittersweet, and all I want to do is over-sleep, you’re still bringing out the good in me, it’s true.

We all have guilty pleasures. Eating ice-cream straight from the container, lots of cream-cheese on a bagel, a binge day of your favorite show…

On March 12, Montreal-based alt-pop band What If Elephants released a new song ‘Guilty Pleasure.’ The song is the second single off of their upcoming sophomore EP “Relationship Status,” following ‘Sugar Daddy’ featuring Maya Malkin. This time, the band teamed up with Canadian pop duo Flara K.

“On our new single, we decided to find that vibe in the story of a couple who have been together for awhile, yet still have those giddy, over-the-top feelings for each other.” What If Elephants said of the song. “’Guilty Pleasure,’ featuring Flara K, is a song to make you feel amazing and elevate your experience, whether you’re alone and singing to that midnight snack, or dancing to this track for your special someone.”

“Guilty pleasures, as the expression goes,” the band continued, “symbolize things that everyone doesn’t get to see, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to enjoy what makes a difference for you. We think it’s those little things enjoyed in less public settings that can often have the deepest and long lasting impact.”

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