Watch Talia Jackson’s Music Video For Newest Single, ‘YOU’

Singer-songwriter Talia Jackson, better known for her role as “Jade” in Netflix’s NAACP Award-winning hit series “Family Reunion,” released her latest single ‘YOU,’ accompanied by a music video.

Originally hailing from Wisconsin, Talia moved to Santa Barbara at the age of seven to begin pursuing her twin passions of acting and singing. When she’s not in front of the camera or in the studio recording new music, Talia loves songwriting with her brother actor/singer/songwriter Armani Jackson (Netflix’s Little Boxes, TBS CHAD) and lending her voice to mental illness awareness and Global Lyme Alliance.

‘YOU’ is a masterful fusion of alternative R&B and pop styles that features passionate vocals, rhythmic pop melodies, and soul-bearing lyrics that tell the story about the heartbreak and conflicting emotions that are experienced in an unpredictable, “hot and cold” love relationship.

Talia Jackson is a prolific electro pop singer/songwriter, drawing influence from SZA, Jhene Aiko and Lana Del Ray. Her empowering music discusses important themes such as embracing her identity as a bi-racial woman, overcoming mental health issues including suicidal thoughts, self-harm, anxiety disorders and not allowing external influences to dictate who she is at her core. She uses music as a therapeutic outlet to help her through the past and present adversities she faces, especially navigating her personal mental health struggles and she hopes others will find solace in it as well. 

While filming was on hold, Talia began writing all of her own music and that gave us ‘HIDDEN,’ which was about the freedom she felt after being free from a toxic relationship and needing no one but herself. Since then, we’ve seen a number of releases from Talia every few months which leads us to believe we can expect a larger project in the future 👀 We shall see!

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