Watch Music Video For Ahadizz’s New Brainchild, ‘Sexual Chocolate’

Ahadizz is more than just a rapper, he’s an artist.

Ahadizz is more than just a rapper emerging out of Perth, Australia. Last year, he debuted his full-length album “Man in the Moon” which he wrote and produced on his own. When it comes to his music, Ahadizz has a hands-on approach and gets very involved. From the writing to production, from production to mixing and mastering, from mixing and mastering to promotion.

“Man in the Moon” consisted of 15 tracks featuring noteworthy singles like ‘Not Safe,’ and ‘Alright.’ Ahadizz’s inspiration for his sound derives from hip-hop artists like Meek Mill and Drake, delivering his rhymes through slow and smooth flows on a wide array of instrumentals. His diction can be compared to Aj Tracey and Skepta, showing his influences from the UK drill scene which is prevalent in today’s Australian music scene. 

Now that a year has come to pass since the release of “Man in the Moon,” Ahadizz is back on the scene with the music video for his track, Sexual Chocolate,’ also on the album. The video is a perfect compliment to the spacey track, showcasing a wide array of scenes glittered with neon lights and a manifestation of the brandish lyrics the artist uses. 

This latest release is the brainchild of Ahadizz himself, handling every aspect of the music video. Similar to the album, he is fully involved with the video from the directing, editing, producing and all the way to acting as the talent on screen. Ahadizz is more than just a rapper emerging out of Perth, Australia. He is also a filmmaker, director, producer, actor, songwriter…artist.

Listen to “Man in the Moon” on Spotify and follow Ahadizz on Instagram for updates!

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