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On August 28, talented 19-year-old Atlanta YouTube Rapper JamalTheCreator (born Jamal Ayomiku Bradley) posted his new single “Trust Issues” to SoundCloud. The song explains what it’s like to experience trauma and infidelity in teenage love. He details the common fear of dealing with a girl who is only after the material benefits instead of the actual bond. Jamal connects with many fans and teenagers who deal with the same issues. He brilliantly constructed such a complex situation over a vibrant and vivid instrumental. 

Being from Southside Atlanta’s neighborhood of College Park, JamalTheCreator has always been surrounded by music. Watching people from his neighborhood like 2Chainz, Gunna, and Kap G inspired Jamal to be the next to make a name in his area. He is the second cousin of Atlanta rap legend  Micah “Pastor Troy” Troy. Music and entertainment have always been apart of his life, and he has always wanted to be a stand-up comedian and musician since his youth. Even at the age of 12, he would force his younger sister Mia to record him making music and upload it to YouTube in hopes that record label A&R’s would come across the videos. Even though he never got discovered, he continued to work on his talents and develop skills in other areas of entertainment.

In high school, he started on a YouTube channel with some of his former classmates to do prank videos. In just a short time, they went viral for a “Throwing Rice” prank and began reeling in thousands of fans. Since then, Jamal has started his own platform and used his fanbase to promote his music which has been gaining viral attention as well. He has been making plenty of noise in both social media and music by using his unique personality to level with his audience. This young creator is absolutely one to follow along with and watch! 

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