Waiting for Smith shares the “Hopelessness of Love”

A folk/pop summer song that strays from romanticizing love.

British singer-songwriter Waiting for Smith, also known as Harry Lloyd, recently released his newest single “Hopelessness of Love.” It’s a folk/pop song produced by Jan Schroder and mixed by Ian Grimble who has worked with Mumford and Sons and Bears Den.

Before entering the realm of music, Harry Lloyd was a ski instructor in the French Alps. Once during avalanche training, he broke his back in two places and came uncomfortably close with his mortality. This led him to music. 

He spent his year of healing learning how to play guitar. Upon recovery, he determined to dedicate his life to music. He started Waiting for Smith and began writing music.

According to his agent, “‘Hopelessness of Love’ was inspired by a challenging episode of love. The track was written with the desire to express that whatever you do in love and however hard you try, you can’t escape the fact that sometimes there’s going to be difficult moments in your relationship. The song narrates the story of a bickering couple and a “sugar man”, who despite feeling strong and independent, can crumble to the floor at the smallest trigger.”

Beyond the original, intensely realistic, intentions of the song, it still feels upbeat. It’s a nice addition to a summer day’s playlist of relaxing at the park. 

“Hopelessness of Love” is available wherever you stream music.

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