“Up Too Early” Compilation Series Returns With a Second Installment Presented by Somni

Britain born, LA based multidisciplinary musician Somni, wowed listeners with his second album “Home” on record label Friends of Friends Music last year. With the title track catching the ears of Lauren Laverne, Tom Ravenscroft and Jamz Supernova, the album received praise from notable platforms such as NPR, Mojo and Pigeons & Planes.

To follow up, Friends of Friends have recruited Somni to curate the latest volume of their “Up Too Early” series. The compilation and playlist is a way for the label to showcase their love of calming morning music and extended family to release new music.

“’Up Too Early’ is a compilation of tunes that to me encapsulate those weird twilight hours of the morning,” said Somni. He continues, “when you know most of the city is still sleeping but for whatever reason you are awake. I’m very proud to have put this compilation together, lots of good friends on here as well as people who have inspired me over the years.”

In keeping with the narrative set by Volume 1, Somni enlists a host of friends Omari Jazz, Harris Cole, Joe Nora and Soosh among many others, to showcase their incredible musical talents on solo tracks, as well as collaborations with the man himself. 

The first single ‘Always’ featuring Duren, instantly grabs your attention. The skewed sampling combined with euphonious percussion takes you to a rather colorful place, brought to life by Man Mantis (Adult Swim) in the gracefully stimulating visuals that accompany the single.

Stream and purchase Somni Presents “Up Too Early Volume 2” on Bandcamp via Friends of Friends Music record label.

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