Twelve Songs for the Gemini Solar Eclipse

On Thursday, June 10 an annular solar eclipse occurred at precisely 6:53 AM EST in Gemini. Eclipses are known to bring fated, life-changing events into our lives. Although that sounds terrifying, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Eclipses happen multiple times a year; the last one was a May 26th and there will be two more coming November 19th and December 4th. This isn’t the time to set intentions, but take in the changes that the eclipse brings in and explore how they can usher in a new beginning for you.

To set the mood for the eclipse, here are twelve songs for each sign:

Aquarius: Bend Backwards by dreamcastmoe

Aquarius, it’s time to put yourself out there! This solar eclipse is pushing you to explore new beginnings in romance and creativity. This is a good time to have fun and explore whatever brings you joy. You can start a new passion project or begin a summer fling. The possibilities are endless.

Pisces: Texas Sun by Khraungbin and Leon Bridges

Pisces, you’re being called to form new beginnings surrounding your home and family. It’s time for a clean slate! You may be considering a move or buying a new home. You also may be re-evaluating your family dynamic: whether you’re improving your relationships or introducing a new member of the family.

Capricorn: No Work by Wiki & Nah

This solar eclipse will be impacting your sixth house, the house of physical health, work, and routine. You may be called to re-examine your day-to-day routine. Are you burnt out from your nine-to-five? Are you practicing self-care? Now is the time to take stock of your everyday activities to see where you can build better habits that support your overall health.

Sagittarius: Rover by Cleo Reed

You’re being called to examine your long-term partnerships and relationships. It’s time to examine what may (or may not) be working for you between you and those closest to you. Communication is key in partnership, but remember think before you speak. Mercury will be be in retrograde until the end of June.

Scorpio: Freefall by Kaytranada and Durand Bernarr

Scorpios, this eclipse will be touching your eighth house. The eighth house governs taxes, debts, joint finances, sexuality, and growth. You may have an opportunity to pay off a debt or make a new purchase with a partner. You may also have the opportunity for personal transformation.

Libra: AllPraise by Ovrkast.

Libras, this is the time to take a look at your long-held religious and spiritual beliefs. Do they align with who you are now? If you’re considering making a spiritual change, now is a good time to research, take a course, or find a mentor.

Virgo: Let’s Go to New Orleans by Larry June and Harry Fraud feat. Curren$y

The eclipse is touching your 10th house, the house of career, public image, and fame. You may be considering starting a new job or a new career path. There’s no need to take a leap just yet, but prepare to make a change.

Leo: Deep Fried Frenz by MF DOOM

How many of us have them? This eclipse is calling you to take a look at your friendships. Are you thinking about expanding your social network? Now is a good time to reach out.

Cancer: Clarity by Lamb Rabbit

Cancers, right now is the perfect time for a much-needed break. You could be called to seek solitude. If you’re looking for answers, you may find them in meditation or prayer.

Gemini: Overall by Benny the Butcher and Harry Fraud

Geminis, this solar eclipse is happening in your first house. You’re being called to consider new beginnings in all facets of your life. Are you being true to you? Now is the time to be confident and embrace your power.

Taurus: Meanwhile by Starlito feat. Don Trip and Young Dolph

This the time to look at your money and physical possessions. Take a look at your expenses. You may new find ways to save money. You may also find new streams of income. Take stock of your investments.

Aries: Conversations Go Left by Left Lane Didon feat. Jay Nice

This eclipse is touching your third house, the house of communication and learning. Consider how you express yourself. If you feel called to have an important conversation, now may not be the best time.

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