Toronto Artist, Maya Zita, Debuts Her First Single, “Ouija Board” and the Official Music Video

Watch the official music video here! “Ouija Board” is now streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and more.

Emerging artist Maya Zita is making her way through Toronto’s music scene with the release of her first alternative pop single called “Ouija Board” along with the official music video. Maya uses her sassy and edgy vocals to tell the story of toxic summer romances. Written by Maya and produced by award winning producer Harrison Fine and Ben Pelchat (songwriter and producer for the legendary Snoop Dogg and Grammy Award winner Boy George), the single encompasses jazzy rustic vibes tied with dark melodies. Though the song has sad connotations, Maya hopes the alternative-pop sounds inspire listeners to live their lives to the fullest even in the darkest of times.

What began as Maya’s love for horror films and the mysterious events within turned into her debuting her first single. Maya uses the idea of the Ouija Board to tell her story of how she felt like she was the planchet used in the game, and the partner was the ghost who controls where the answers lie. This single focuses on taking your hands off the Ouija Board to gain control of your life even though you lose the person you’re attracted to and the lifestyle it comes with. With an emotional lyrical story, Maya mixes in the electric guitar to create an energetic and upbeat melody to inspire listeners to continue to challenge themselves. 

“I want to use “Ouija Board” to inspire my listeners by empowering them to make the tough choices in life that leads them to a happier life and self,” said Maya Zita. “I want my listeners to understand that no matter how hard life gets there is always a chance for positive growth and change…it’s never too late!”  

Maya has been writing songs for many years and finally took the plunge in releasing her first single. With the launch of her music career Maya plans to release new music throughout the year. Follow Maya on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to stay up-to-date with her music or if you’re looking for fun and engaging content! 

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