The Welcome Mat: MannyJR. releases latest EP, ‘Welcome Home PKG’

Let’s just say we’re glad he’s back home.

Queens-based artist MannyJR. released his Welcome Home PKG EP on August 12, and let’s just say we’re glad he’s back home. The three-track project features good company; his fellow THiiiRDDIVISION group mates, Blvntd and Kevi Kiana. Production is credited to Epik The Dawn and 1917, and explicitely mentioned on the EP’s cover art.

“No Cap” is the project’s lead-off track, featuring the entire trio. While Manny has worked with them in the past, it was essential they blessed that record. “‘No Cap’ explains the frustration of being an indie artist in these times, which all three of us are.”

Photo by Sha (via Instagram)

The other two tracks are “Distortion” and “City of Gold,” the latter which also features Blvntd. Manny attacks the beat with hard bars, while Blvntd graces the track with more of a melodic flow. The contrast in their approach could be symbolic of the two types of “New Yorkers” we see in the city today. “‘City of Gold’ is about being from New York and telling the truths of what’s under the surface — the things people don’t see unless they live it out.” A subtle nod to people returning to New York after leaving before the height of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Welcome Home PKG is a follow-up to Manny’s Toxic EP, released in only June of this year. “It’s a different feeling from what I recently dropped. It shows another side of me as an artist and showcases my versatility,” Manny claims. “I hope my fans can see that I can do it all. I want to show that I can tap into a different element and still be true to self. Like ‘Oh damn, he got that in his bag too?”

Following his latest release, Manny already has his attention shifted to the next creative projects. “I’m in album mode next,” Manny says. “We got some videos coming, and I could be on a couple features.” A true representation of the city that never sleeps.

You can listen to Welcome Home PKG for yourself, conveniently below this. Let us know in the comments if his latest release has you excited for what Manny has in-store for us shortly.

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