DAVID SHAW photographed in Nashville, TN 2020

The Revivalists’ Front Man, David Shaw, Announces Debut Self-Titled Album With New Single Release

David Shaw, acclaimed artist, producer, and front man of The Revivalists, is preparing to release his debut self-titled solo album alongside his uplifting anthemic single, ‘Got Me Feeling Good.’ The track offers a celebration of hope and finding passion as a means for escape from the heaviness of the world. David’s upcoming album will be released May 7 on his own imprint Yokoko Records in partnership with C3 Records. 

On his self-titled album, David showcases his true self, exemplifying his hard-working and courageous nature as he placed a renewed focus on self-care and personal growth while creating the music for his solo venture. “David Shaw” will include ‘Got Me Feeling Good,’ along with his recently released singles, ‘Heavy Soul which is about fighting for what you feel is right, and ‘Shivers,’ a tender reminder that love can save us from the chaos around us. Also featured on the forthcoming album is lead single ‘Shaken,’ an anthem about embracing the fears and insecurities we all have and rising above them, and ‘Promised Land,’ which addresses systemic injustice and inequality.

David’s new sound has got him opening up like never before as a lyricist, poet, and storyteller, riling up his raw rock ‘n’ roll impulses as he takes the initiative to evolve as a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and all-around creative. Following four albums with chart-topping alternative rock band The Revivalists, including the platinum breakout single ‘Wish I Knew You,’ over 525 million streams, a #1 Alternative hit, 3 Triple A #1s, and major media recognition, David is stepping into his solo artistry for the first time. After overcoming addiction more than a decade ago and focusing on his own self-care and personal wellness, David began turning down the noise from the outside world and listening to his own creative impulses, making his own solo music.

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