The CloseHigh’s Turn Up Music Video

Tis’ the season to turn up! If you don’t already know who the CloseHigh is, now is the time to familiarize yourself.

Bronx recording artist and video producer CloseHigh, dropped “Turn Up” featuring Oshaythevillain, and this year we were blessed with a lo-fi music video with loads of visuals. The video’s high energy reminds you that you can have fun with your music, especially with lyrics.


CloseHigh is somewhat of a hood poet, rapping about the realities people imagine themselves escaping to, and that’s what “Turn Up” is. He blends spoken word and hip hop to unite others who see a systematic oppression in their communities and cultures. You can see this being expressed in the music video with a clip from an interview with 2Pac, including a montage with the artist turning up at various parts of the Bronx with friends.

The “Turn Up” music video was directed by @iam_productions, and was edited by the CloseHigh (@filmpocalypse).

Ebony Anderson-Brown, Editor in Chief & Publisher

Twitter: @unratedebony

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