Tae Banks’ “ILY Freestyle” Music Video

“If you don’t get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found.” – Unknown Author

It was June 15 when Tae Banks dropped the music video for “ILY Freestyle,” a track that came out this past May.

Still rallying from the success of his 2019 song “Block Jumpin,” Banks’ latest track, “ILY Freestyle” was also well received on Instagram. Followers flocked to his Instagram (@_taebanks__)  to post non stop fire emojis under the sneak peek of the visuals for the track. As seen in the comments, he continues to bring the heat with this one.

Within the first few seconds of the “ILY Freestyle,” you’re met with a smooth sample of Faith Evans’ “Soon As I Get Home,” a classic track that also follows the idea of finding your way back to something that’s lost.

Tae Banks reflects on his own experiences, rapping over the sped-up 90’s R&B ballad with lines like, “I meant to say thank you for the shit that you did / but it’s hard to forget and it’s hard to forgive.” But, Banks knows that things may not go back to being the same: “I’m a changed man / I told coach that I’m changing the game plan / they still in the zone but I play man / that means I just do what I want.”

As a few of the comments under the video mentioned, the visuals could’ve been tighter for this track. But with the pandemic still going on, it’s understandable if it left viewers wanting more. Nonetheless, the near two minute song is a good showcase of how well Tae Banks can walk on a beat. It has the potential of being a summer bop, and of being played over and over across the block.

Be sure to check out the video for “ILY Freestyle” below, and check out “Block Jumpin” or other releases in his catalog on his SoundCloud.

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