Sparkz GAWD’s “Vibe Ratings” [REVIEW]

Some of the best work is produced when the creator is backed up against a wall. After all, it is pressure that makes diamonds. Sparkz GAWD, a Brooklyn-based rapper found a way to embody that sentiment in his latest single, “Vibe Ratings.” Released on his SoundCloud, the barely two-minute track is jam-packed with emotions delivered through bars hot enough to convince the masses of climate change.

His sound, not just his flow but also the beat he selected to conquer, is reminiscent of Pro Era, fellow Brooklynites in the field of Hip-Hop. Respect is paid to the late P.E. member, Capital Steez who passed away in late 2012, as the cover art features “#LongLiveSteelo.” “For “Vibe Ratings,” Sparkz goes with a beat that sounds like it is right off of Steez’s AmeriKKKan Korruption. It’s chill but has enough 808’s to make it a banger. His punch-after-punch flow also emulates the Steez.

In regards to lyrics, Sparkz details the everyday life of a hustler in the five boroughs. “Sweating at my soul so that seven probably soaked in my sock,” and “In them parties every weekend singing popular tunes,” are just two lines spit by Sparkz. The BK-rapper demonstrates the reality of his life and others around him, showcasing that he is down-to-Earth, which for some can be comforting to find in an artist. Other standout bars include “Don’t be surprised when you see me with my demons, because it’s hard when my granny need this, and my sister wants that, and everybody wants attention, but a nigga wants stacks.” It’s that raw energy that really captivates the listener, and has them sitting on the edge of their chairs awaiting the next spectacular assortment of words. 

This song is the latest release from Sparkz in two months. Preceding this was a project titled “Free Lunch,” which can also be found on his SoundCloud. He knows how hungry hip-hop fans are for real rap and so he did not hesitate to offer dessert. You should surely be on the lookout for more of that sweet, sweet music from this Brooklyn act.


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