School of X Shares New Single, “Feel of It”

Opening with a light-hearted backbeat, right off the bat “Feel of It” radiates a new energy for School of X, who’s indie-pop songs have historically had a slightly darker bent.

After only one verse, “Feel of It” leaves the backbeat behind for its first truly anthemic chorus, as if Rasmus Littauer just couldn’t wait to take this infectious, danceable energy to the next level. The story behind this upbeat indie-pop anthem, however, is not all sunshine and rainbows, Littauer, the man behind the School of X moniker says:

“It’s about the desire to break out of daily routines and boredom, craving for headspace, excitement and bigger emotions. It’s a desire that seduces me and haunts me and sometimes comes with a cost. Sometimes you end up all alone because you’ve been blinded by the light.”

School of X’s sophomore album Dancing Through The Void (Sept. 24) will display Littauer’s infectious indie-pop songwriting, but with a broader, almost borderless range of genre influence than in his previous work. As “Feel of It” continues through backbeat verses, anthemic choruses and into an organ solo reminiscent of those accompanying Santana at Woodstock, we start to get a taste of the broad range of inspiration Littauer is pulling from.

Aside from his solo work in School of X, Rasmus Littauer has made a name for himself over the past decade as an in-demand musician. Since Faded. Dream., his 2017 debut EP, he has been making waves in the Danish scene, and turning heads internationally. School of X returned in ‘19 with his Destiny EP, and the 2020 follow-up Interpretations of Destiny, featuring remixes and interpretations by Trentemoller and Spencer Zahn, among others. Armlock, School of X’s debut album, was released in May of 2020.

“Away”,  School of X’s anthemic lead single from Dancing Through The Void was released on April 16, and introduced us to his new beautifully crafted indie-pop songwriting mixed with influences from disparate genres.

Check out “Feel of It” here.

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