Rronx Release New Single, “On My Own”

Three-piece pop punk band, Ronx, hailing from the Bronx, New York releases brand new single, “On My Own.”

Ronx, a three-piece pop punk band, hails in the Bronx, New York. Influenced by bands such as Neck Deep and Blink 182, the trio use energetic instrumentation, memorable melodies and honest lyrics, to craft their sound and it shows in their first two EPs, and new single, “On My Own.”

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The song’s lyrics are centered around the topic of relationships – more specifically, breakups, and send a message of positivity, hope, and reassurance that things will get better and you don’t need to rely or depend on a partner for your happiness.

“On My Own is a break up anthem I had wrote after going through a rough break up about a year ago. The main message behind the song is, basically what your mom and best friends tell you after a break up,” bassist/vocalist Josh Reguillo says about the track, “You’ll be okay on your own and you don’t need to depend on a partner to keep you happy.”

The song (produced by Randy Pasquarella of If I Were You) stays true to the band’s pop punk roots while also incorporating elements of pop, pop rock, and even a little bit of progressive rock towards the end, and compared to previous releases, is one of the band’s most unique, experimental, and overall mature releases to date.

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