(REVAMPED) Resurfacing articles and interviews from past issues.

It felt like it was just yesterday when I interviewed Adrian Candelario, aka Mr. Biggs. A New York based Producer DJ, who currently resides in Queens. I’d like to revamp the past interview piece I wrote for Mr. Biggs from our very first issue, in case many of you forgot about the up and coming artist and his project, Days. The best part about his project Days is that it’s not over yet!


Adrian Candelario, also known as Mr. Biggs, is a New York based Producer DJ. He considers himself to be a Producer DJ because of the obvious reason that he is a producer and a DJ, but also because he likes to mix his own music. Mr. Biggs currently resides in Queens, New York and music has always been apart of his life. He’s been producing for a year and has been DJing for eight years. He currently completed his project Days, where he made a beat everyday for 50 days. Each day has something different about it. Whether it be the emotion of the song or the approach he was going for. Of course, digging for samples was one of the major components of creating the beats for fifty days, which is what makes this project of his inspiring and worthwhile. Each song ranges from about 30 seconds to 1 minute, and has a particular uniqueness about it. (Something you will have to discover for yourself.) He believes that everyday tells a different story, and doing this project expresses this belief. Mr. Biggs’ overall expectation from doing Days, is that people can see the story that is being told. He plans on creating beats further down the line, and hopefully for artists, especially 2Chainz. I know I will be looking out for more of Mr. Biggs projects in the near future, how about you?

You can check out his music and DJ sets at and you can like him on Facebook at Mr. Biggs.

Ebony Anderson-Brown, Editor in Chief & Publisher

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