Renegade’s “Lowkey”

The song does not come as a warning, but more of a reminder as to why he hasn’t put out any music.

A lot of people like to say they are making undetected moves. Well, the Atlanta-rapper Renegade is actually doing that. In his latest song, appropriately titled “Lowkey,” he shares that he is staying focused on his craft, and has no time for any distractions.

“A peek into who I am, and why I don’t bless your speakers more often. Making music and promoting it on a consistent basis taps into levels of anxiety I never knew I had,” Renegade shared with listeners in the caption to the track on SoundCloud. “However, I feel as if my ability to actually make music should overshadow whatever nervousness I have when it comes to putting my energy out for the people to consume.”

Renegade chooses a calm, looped, soulful beat to deliver his message to the masses. And a message is exactly what the song sounds like. “Ain’t no more poppin’ out, you know I’ve been lowkey.” This reads like a tweet from someone who is on the brink of hibernation. And for an artist in a city as poppin’ as Atlanta to claim that they’re going to avoid the bullshit and stick to themselves, the words hold a lot more weight. 

Taking a look at Renegade’s SoundCloud in general is a subtle nod to authenticity of the bars gracing our ears. Although he has not posted a track in about two years, the song does not come as a warning, but more of a reminder as to why he hasn’t put out any music. But the song has a hidden message that one will not notice if they don’t take a step back to see the big picture. The message is that Renegade is not done making music. The hiatus is over momentarily, and listeners fond of his flow can rejoice in the modern gospel. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in response, one would say only time can tell. 

‘Lowkey’ almost sounds like it is straight out of New York, specifically Brooklyn or The Bronx. The song would be very popular in the North, and so would Renegade. But at the moment, popularity and saturation are two things missing from his plan at the moment. There is a plan that is in motion. Renegade said it himself, and the song is a big part of it.This song is a step in that direction, enjoy.”

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