Reggie Becton’s ‘My Beanie’s Orange’ [Review]

“My eyes are green, and my mood is blue, you left my messages on read…”


When the beat drops on his track ‘You,’ Reggie Becton will have you hooked. The chance it was the Bumpy’s Lament-Xxplosive sample or the catchy hook that captivates listeners is very high. Either way Becton commands their attention. 

Becton’s latest EP, ‘My Beanie’s Orange,’ is an experience you should not deprive yourself of. The project contains five songs that will have your head moving in every direction possible. Between his melodic voice and the lyrical repetition, the urge to join in unison at the top of each chorus will occur… naturally.

my beanies orange.jpeg

This isn’t Becton’s first rodeo; in October 2018, he released his debut EP, ‘Phases’. He also performed with UK singer-songwriter Daley. Becton’s success these past couple of years can be credited to his ability to fuse classic R&B with new wave soul. He has co-written songs with artists from major labels such as Atlantic Records, and has been featured on Ebro Darden’s Beats1 radio show, Earmilk, Elevator Mag, Singersroom, DJBooth, Fashionably Early.

You can stream ‘My Beanie’s Orange’ here and learn more about Reggie Becton by visiting his page


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