Reflecting On BloodMoneyMimz’ “MITOSIS”

In the days leading up to “MITOSIS”, Mimz tried to warn us of its superiority. Released September 9 of this year, MITOSIS is the culmination of many artists’ hard work and perseverance. The project features the likes of SOUL, IONOYOUTELLME, Dunn, Big Flowers, SemiraTruth, and S!LENCE. If you’re not familiar with these artists, that’s okay. IONOYOUTELLME underwent a name change after cultivating a lengthy catalog (for a food reason, though) and you may just not be tapped in with the unmatched vision of S!LENCE.

BloodMoneyMimz is, seemingly, the name of the collaborative effort from Mimz and executive producer, BloodMoneyPerez. This is Mimz’ freshman tape; his first deposit into the always bustling underground scene, yet something leads me to believe that the passion was there all along. Had I not poked around on his Instagram and Bandcamp to gather more clues regarding the existence of a discography that dates back further than the current year, I wouldn’t have believed this was his first tape. April 12 brought the release of “INFINITE LAWN”, a joint-tape with featured MITOSIS artist, Dunn, but this project was his to direct.

One of my favorite lines comes from the fourth track on the tape, ‘GET A GRIP’, where Mimz says, “We all think yesterday is prime, compared to the war in our current mind.” Mimz casually reflects on a notion that is all too common amongst millennials; every day feels like it is harder than the last, making retrospection only another brick in the house of our discontent.

When it comes to favorite tracks, personally, I would choose ‘WEEZING’, featuring IONOYOUTELLME. I’m already familiar with his discography, so to see him featured on this tape was a treat, and I was not disappointed. BloodMoneyPerez crafted the most head-banging-inducing beat that I have heard in quite some time, one that made me feel I was rocking out at a random house party on Staten Island. Nine tracks in, Mimz continued to showcase his lyrical mastery on the track. IONOYOUTELLME rips the listener a new one with his opening lines, “Swimming in piss, mother-fuck these kids, can’t believe I’m working hard for this.”

There are two things about that line that I love. The first, IONOYOUTELLME works as a custodian in the NYC Department of Education. I myself am a paraprofessional in the same department, so I can attest to the unfavorable working conditions of people in his predicament. Secondly, I love that BloodMoneyPerez was able to produce something so raw that IONOYOUTELLME had no other choice but to start his bar with that.

There are so many more compliments to hand out, but the sooner you finish reading this, the sooner you can head to Bandcamp and listen to (then purchase!) MITOSIS. The tape has a base price of $11.11, truly the sign of a new beginning. I am very interested to see more from Mimz in the future, but until then, I can delve into his past work. During my time surfing the web for more background on the artist, I found numerous freestyles and other singles on his Bandcamp (I mean, all I did was click “more releases…”).

Speaking of the future, Mimz is already planning a follow-up collaborative project with Dunn, called “UPTOWN COWBOYS”. The first single from the project, ‘ONE WAY’, is already circulating through the streets. It’s only a matter of time before there’s more Mimz pumping through our veins, sorry, I meant bumping in our brains. Until then, follow Mimz on Instagram while you sit around, twiddling your thumbs, contemplating how he’s gonna do it to us this time.

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